Taking Big Shots – Blog Introduction

Taking Big Shots

(Lux, Eruditio,Gloria)     

Blog Introduction

 Mumbi Mukasa – ‘Uwaponene kumulu’

In Bemba Folklore and Historiography there is a narrative of how the Bemba royalty (Abena Ng’andu) came about. A long time ago in Shi’ Luba Land ( North eastern Katanga, Central Eastern Congo DR) People had gone out in the bush and met a woman with big ears like an elephant, when they asked her who she was and where she was coming from she answered;
“I am Mumbi Mukasa I come from the sky, I have no people here.”
Whether or not Mumbi Mukasa or Nyambe from the Lozi Heritage had indeed came from the sky, is not the contention here. I am merely borrowing from these two glorious folklores in wanting to highlight the fact that as a Blogger, I am not Mumbi Mukasa, neither am I Nyambe I have where I am coming from. I am an avid reader desiring to grow my writing ability, a learner wanting to share what I have been taught, and a consumer that is finally eager to produce as well.
Having said that I would like to acknowledge Zambia’s very own bloggers, journalists and storytellers whose writings have inspired me and I have consumed over the years. This is to name, but a few:
• Harrison Muyeba Musonda – for storytelling.
• Edem Djokotoe – for newspaper feature, research and creative writing.
• Canicius Banda – for Prose Writing.
• Mbiji Mufalo – for philosophical and introspective reflections.
I am not mentioning these people to imply familiarity, as a matter of fact; I do not know any of the people mentioned above except for Mr. Harrison Musonda. Also regard is given to many Zambians who have authored books, fictional and non- fiction writing; you are my heroes. Writing for me is a gift I cherish and admire the most  of all God’s gifting’s.
Scope (Lux, Eruditio, Gloria –Light, Knowledge, Glory)
This blog will be covering topics that are; a book club or review column, a critique and an apology of the Christian faith, about Sharing Knowledge, contributing to our political/economic discussions, and celebrating Zambia’s beauty and glorious heritage.
Taking Big Shots
I have been writing staff for a long time and have not had the guts to share (even at the urging of my wife, family or other supportive people like Mr. Harrison Musonda) as I always found some grammatical or sentence construction error and always would postpone setting up a blog and share my pidgin* academic opinions, little knowledge acquired, share excitements about discoveries that I have made even when that information is obvious to other people and what not. Hence it is a big leap for me to start this publishing akin to taking a big shot (or penalty abena Zambia) in a high stake game. Also I will be tackling, over time, topics that are not so comfortable and critical be it religion, politics and anything that is relevant to Zambia or Africa… Oh! by the way, Bigshots is a nick name that I joyously accepted and was given to me by my former colleagues (Long Story, Short!)

Clarence ‘Big Shots’ Mushota



*pidgin academician- Is I believe what they called Marcus Garvey, It was stated to mean, an individual philosophizing on matters on which they have not been academically reviewed or published.


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